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Our Missions

Our Primary Missions

Putting people of all ages in touch with Jesus and his Gospel.

We do this through Bible study, preaching, music and even play. Prayer plays a big part in the life of our church. Through prayer we have seen the sick made well, the weak made strong and the troubled comforted.

We try to keep our ministry open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. All ages participate in our worship service. We strive to include all ages with choirs, candle lighters, drama and solos. We try to keep our worship service so it will appeal to all ages.

Our Secondary Missions

As disciples we share in the support of many homes for the aged and institutions caring for the mentally and physically disabled.

As a denomination we have parented many colleges and universities to train Christian leaders.  Some of these schools are Texas Christian, Drake, Bethany, Hiram, Brite Divinity School and Christian Theological Seminary.

As a congregation we join with other churches in order to reach out to the homeless and needy and the hurting of our community.

We are an advocate for those who are not able to find justice alone.

YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS AT WORK:  In 2009 the congregation gave a total of $3,428 to the Disciples Mission Fund to be disbursed.  Of that amount, $1,962 was returned to the Michigan Region, General Ministries received $1,082 and denominational colleges, universities and seminaries received $383.

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